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“Digitalisation, especially for small business will continue to be a focus. The use of Artificial Intelligence will become more common place” Chartered Accountants prediction - 2019

I have been in business now for 25 years and how things have changed. In October 2018 I saw first-hand how innovation and technology within data management was changing the landscape of how companies operate. The demand for real time reporting, and turn around of financial information is escalating and technology improvements mean it is now able to be provided. Being able to know where your company stands, what decisions need to be made and how you are tracking on a day to day basis has never been more accessible or necessary.

With this in mind - DAB has in the last 12mths developed its own back office processing service offering support to clients. We have harnessed technology to provide an outsourced back office to introduce lean and efficient administration, bookkeeping, payroll and accounting processes that will directly benefit you.

The cost savings we are currently offering is between 18% to 32%

In addition the non-financial benefits include removing the issues associated with staff recruitment, fair work and workers compensation pressures. Our service is task and outcome focused with SLA in place to ensure compliance and standards and timeframes are adhered to.

I sincerely hope you do take us up on our offer to allow us to show you how technology and outsourcing can not only directly increase bottom line and cashflow but take the headache away from simply having to deal with the burdens of red tape, compliance and HR issues.

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