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    Mark Bonney – CEO

    Business Adviser

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    Business Valuations – We understand Businesses!

    As business advisers and business agents, we have advised 000’s of businesses from small to medium size, with turnover of up to $50M, through whatever phase of their lifecycle for whatever their needs.

    With over 20 year’s experience, we guarantee* to calculate the right value for your business. A practical, non-theoretical approach that will assess what the market would pay1.

    We have three types of Valuation Services available to offer you.

    1 Limited Scope Estimate Valuation

    • You may want a quick valuation to satisfy your curiosity and just give you a rough idea as to a value. This may be the phase to assess how you can and what you need to do to increase the value of your business which we can assist with.
    • Initial interview
    • We need to understand the purpose of the valuation as well as your business/industry conditions and environment
    • Questionnaire provided to be completed
    • Financial information required only by way of you disclosing the key data being financial and non-financial information, including previous FYE and YTD financials.
    • Prepare report that is provided to you for discussion
    • Finalisation of Report including key points on how to increase your business value
    • Turnaround – 48 hours
    • Only suitable for micro businesses of up to a turnover of $1M
    • Cannot be relied upon for third party purposes.
    • $1196 plus GST

    2 Limited Scope Detailed Valuation

    • In-depth interrogation of financial detail to provide a robust valuation of your business
    • Initial interview as above
    • Questionnaire as above
    • Financial and non-financial information obtained to interrogate financial information
    • Access to your internal and external accountants or financial advisers to assist understand your financial information.
    • Phase one – Review
    • Phase two – feedback after phase one review
    • Draft Valuation Report and walk through.
    • Phase three – Finalisation of Valuation Report including key points on how to increase your business value
    • Turnaround – 4 business days
    • Cannot be relied upon for third party presentation
    • $1596 plus gst. Should you have undertaken 1. Valuation you will be credited with the fee amount paid.

    3 Comprehensive Valuation

    • As per 1 and 2 above. In addition:
    • Conduct Valuation according to APES 225 and APES GN 20
    • Attendance at business walkthrough
    • In comparison to option 2, scaled up interrogation, analysis, in depth review of your financial and non-financial information.
    • Industry and completion market analysis and information
    • Phase Three Valuation report – direct presentation to stakeholders. This will include a walkthrough review of not only ways to increase value but further increase cashflow and profit
    • Turnaround – 9 business days
    • Whether this is a limited scope valuation or not will be assessed at time of engagement.
    • Presentable to all third parties who request valuations
    • $4796 plus gst. Should you have undertaken 1. or 2. Valuation you will be credited with the fee amount paid.

    *Only applies to Comprehensive Valuations.
    1 What the market would pay is different to what the result of negotiations between buyer and seller and what motivates each party to do a deal.