Efficient processes


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    Efficient processes

    Let’s face it! Administration procedures and processes are energy sapping and provide no real value to you. A necessary demand but it’s not what you do and what you enjoy doing or even what you are good at. The added complexity of labour costs and staff management particularly with Fair Work issues, further increase the cost of this compliance process.
    We have been outsourcing and operating as the engine room for various clients over many years and simply take that headache and burden away. As we are a contractor to you our performance benchmarks are set under a service level agreement, so your deliverable and costs are set and fixed.
    No more staffing issues, deadlines not being met, but further not having to be skilled in the statutory requirements the Government and Regulators expect business owners to know, manage and be responsible for. We take this burden away from you. Due to our skill as business advisers we can take away any process such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, accounting, management reporting, payroll HR as well as specific task and roles as designated.
    We have managed technology to streamline and introduce lean processing functions so that our aim for cost saving in this space is between 18% to 32%. And reporting on a timely basis
    Our processes and improvements are transparent so that the benefit derived occurs internally in your business hence such goodwill of our efforts becomes part of your ongoing business.
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